Why I am such a jerk

by Colin Ambulance

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My Music by Me Music no. ME83.

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Second release by Colin Ambulance. More "produced" than the last, and with only one song about a girl's butt.
More infos and musics: mymusicbymebystevefitch.com
Not since last July's session for "Songs about Girls' Butts" had I seen Colin Ambulance. He'd just disappeared after having recorded his vocals, leaving me to mix and master the songs myself. Well, last week, he showed-up at my door, enquiring about sales royalties for that EP. I told him, flat-out, that I'd not heard from him, nor expected to hear from him again, so I'd spent his share from the sales on a RAM upgrade or something. This pissed him off, so he demanded that, in exchange, I record him again, but with "more produciton, this time." I suggested better drum tracks, and he insisted upon having no bass instruments in the arrangements: "It's, like, my sound."

Once again, seven songs; as before, he hadn't had them written down, nor some even begun, before we sat down to record. "They're back there, somwhere in my head; I just pull 'em out when it's time." Colin stuck around through mixing, this time, but after excusing himself to "go to the store," I knew that I might not see him again – or until he has seven more songs "back there" in his head.

These new songs are deeper and darker than those of the previous set, and only one of them (the final one; in Italian) is about a girl's butt. The greater attention to production and arrangement – while keeping things swiftly proceeding in order to keep pace with Colin's writing – complements the varied subjects and their tones.

– Steve Fitch, May 2014


released May 14, 2014

Songs by Colin Ambulance/Steve Fitch.
© 2014 Steve Fitch; published by My Music by Me Music (BMI).



all rights reserved


Colin Ambulance Brooklyn, New York

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