Songs About Girls' Butts

by Colin Ambulance

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My Music by Me Music cat. no. ME65

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So, this guy named Colin Ambulance kept bugging me about recording him playing and singing his songs, though he wasn't bothering to qualify himself as to what might be in it for me. He didn't even offer to pay me nor ask me how much I'd charge him for production work. I kept with the vague dismissals and the insincere "I'm really busy" stuff. After a few weeks, he left me alone for a couple months.

Last week, though, he buttonholed me about this again – except, of course, he didn't have any money to pay me for doing so. I thought a minute, then told him, "Okay – but we'll keep it to five or six tracks per song, nothing fancy, no re-taking things until they're perfect, and if I don't like any of the songs, I'll pass on recording them." This was cool with him, so we made plans for him to come over to my place.

Colin showed-up with seven songs written – that is, only the lyrics to seven songs written. I almost threw him out, but he assured me that his lack of preparation would pose no problem. It went like this: He'd pick one of the lyrics at random, then grab my guitar and compose a chord progression for it, then have me record him playing the first guitar part, then a second, then a keyboard part. Depending on the song, composition and recording of backing tracks took an hour or two per song. When it came time to record vocals, he hadn't even sung the melody – hadn't even known what it would be – but just came up with it after a pass or two of the backing tracks, sometimes just nailing it in those one or two passes.

By the end of our two days of sessions, I was eating my former skepticism and reticence toward Colin. While mixing and mastering these recordings, I was further shocked at how quickly these songs had just appeared – as though Colin had been taking dictation by some unseen entity. Some of them are really rather moving; each is unique., and, I have neglected to mention, they are ALL about girls' butts.

– Steve Fitch, July 2013


released July 12, 2013

Songs written and performed by Colin Ambulance/Steve Fitch;
published by My Music by Me Music (BMI).
Produced by Steve Fitch 10-11 July, 2013.



all rights reserved


Colin Ambulance Brooklyn, New York

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